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Some time ago when I was the Club Archivist, Don White asked
me to send a copy of the Club History to the British Library.
On making enquiries, I was informed that under the Legal
Deposit Act a copy of any book published in the United Kingdom
for public sale must by law be lodged with the British Library.

In 1997, just as I was about to conform with the Act, the British
Library was moved to a new building at St Pancras In London,
separating it from its original home at the British Museum. As
a result of this move the public were requested to refrain from
sending copies of books that had been published until the move
had been completed. After this delay a copy was finally sent
on the 24th August this year to join the collection of over
350,000 books, journals and pamphlets held at the British

Our book was actually posted to the Legal Deposit Office in
Wetherby, Yorkshire, where I had previously spoken with a
member of their staff who, coincidentally, was himself a cyclist
and was interested in our club. He also asked where I lived and
what the local cycling conditions were like in the area; I assured
him that riding a bike on the outskirts of London was not quite
the same as riding in the Yorkshire Dales! As this conversation
took place just prior to the Rio OlympiCS, I took the
opportunity to bring his attention to the fact that our Alan
Jackson had won a bronze medal in the 1956 Olympic Road
Race in Melbourne, also collecting the team "Silver Award" and,
as the UK team were expecting to "podium" in the Road Race
in Rio, this would be a record only broken by Max Sciandri* in
Atlanta in 1996 with a bronze medal. As we now know, there
were unfortunately no members of the British team standing

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