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Just 18 members made it to Newnham this year, though I suspect the
weather may have played a role in this low number. It has been 96 years
since our first visit to Newnham, will we see the 100th. The overnight
gales and torrential rain made travelling quite difficult, though at 10.15
when we made our way from The George to the church all evidence of
gales was absent. Following the service we stood outside by the Club's
plaque of remembrance and whilst we stood in silence the sun actually
appeared, the wind dropped a black bird sitting in the yew tree decided
to sing. No doubt a far cry from the conditions 100 years earlier, for
the soldiers who had just survived at the Battle of the Somme.

Returning to The George after coffee and biscuits with the vicar and
his wardens I spotted a notice just inside the door of The George – not
clocked it before and it made me smile. It read :

         No Theives, Fakers, Rogues, Tinkers or Flea Bitten Tramps
                          No slap and tickle of the wenches

                        No banging of tankards on the tables
                                  No dogs in the kitchen
                                       No cockfighting

      All flintlocks, cudgels, daggers and swords to be left with the

                               Bed for the night 1 shilling
                              stabling for 1 horse 4 pence


How times have changed certainly the prices have and I didn't notice
any dogs or cocks anywhere in sight.

Thanks go to Malcolm for officiating with wreath laying duties and to
Roy for his customary sermon at the pulpit.

                                                                                Val the Peach

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