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There was a good turn out of over 100 diners at the Weald of Kent Golf
Club in Headcorn for this function, eight of which were club folk namely – Jean
& Alan Rowe, Lyn & Malcolm Adams, Claire & Ian Silvester plus Tony & myself.

    After a superb lunch and not so lively cross toasting the speeches were
comfortably timed, not too long and not too short.

    The Guest of Honour was Sheila Hardy – Chairman of Cycling Time Trials.
She was suitably impressed by the friendly atmosphere of the occasion and
the number of people present, however towards the end of her guest of honour
speech she made a special presentation to Tony in the form of a prized Gold
Badge of Honour from Cycling Time Trials. These medals are extremely rare,
and are the highest accolade the CTT can make to an individual. This was
the way National Committee recognised the dedication to the sport of cycling
over the last 50+ years by Tony - both locally and nationally. In the main
his administration and management skills were recorded as well as his
competitive achievements during the 1970- 1990's when competing for
honours in the British Best Allrounder competition. The presentation was
all the more pleasing to be able to receive it amongst his peers locally rather
than at a National Council

    Apart from receiving a Gold
Badge of Honour from the club
this was an equally proud

Val the Peach

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