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The working balance of the club funds remain stable even though we have
not been able to call on money from the Memorial Fund this year due to the
very low interest rates. Promoters of all competitive and social events have
aided this situation by ensuring all functions have been self funding and have
not required any subsidy.

    Clothing still remains subsidised by 30% of the actual purchasing price
and both Giordana and Bioracer kit stocks continue to be functioning well.
All affiliations to local and national organisations have been met except the
Southern Counties Cycling Association – the reminder for which normally
arrives during December.

    At the last committee meeting a high majority of those attending voted
not to renew the affiliation to the South East Road Race League. At this
point in time we have just one rider competing in their events. The annual
subscription is fairly high coupled with the fact that once affiliated the club
expected to either promote one of their events or assist in a promotion. If
this commitment is not fulfilled there is a penalty of an additional £300.
In 2016 we really struggled to muster help of 5 members from the club
members to marshal. It was therefore deemed that there was little interest
or support for this organisation.

    Back in February I paid monies to Herne Hill for the purchase of 2 new
banners for Herne Hill, the current ones celebrate our 125th Anniversary in
2014. It was the committee's view that new, more striking banners should
be designed. Bill Wright has promised to take this one forward with a view
to finalising the design etc asap.

    Traditionally the club met the entry fees for 7 members for the KCA
Reliability Trial on 30th October. Two did not start, Alan Rowe was a non
finisher whilst Steve Carter Smith, Peter Jenn, Roy Savery and Malcolm
Adams all finished and managed to pick up valuable points for the club .

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