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A US male image consultant Aaron Marino told the magazine: “Most guys
 are not interested in completely shaving their legs, but they will take the
 length and bulk down with a groomer attachment. Just so the leg hair isn’t
 crazy, bushy and long. “It becomes kind of a hair-management situation.

"For me, it’s purely aesthetic. When I started working out, I shaved my arms
 so you could see more definition. In the fitness world, it’s not as taboo for
 men to remove body hair.

 So I kept doing it, and then started shaving my legs, too. I prefer the look,
 and I feel like it’s cleaner. Hair isn’t one of those things I need.”

Another theory from the magazine was that a trend for tattoos on the legs
 led men to shave, to show them off. [It’s worth remembering though that the
 magazine’s readership/followers are likely to fall into the fitness world
 category mentioned by the image consultant so the beaches may not be
 swamped by shaved male legs just yet. And we’ll always have the cyclist’s
 tan to differentiate us!

 Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has once again taken aim at Dublin City Council’s
 efforts to get more people on two wheels, accusing it of “nonsensical
 pandering to bloody cyclists."

 His comments, made at a fundraising breakfast for Fine Gael, the leading
 party in Ireland’s governing coalition, have led to accusations of “incitement
 to hatred” against cyclists, The airline boss said the local authority had
“destroyed” the city centre of the Irish capital by favouring cycle-friendly

 Up to you if you choose to use the Hater’s airline… meanwhile, here’s an
O’Leary joke:
O'Leary goes into a Dublin bar and orders a Guinness.
"That'll be one Euro."
"That's very cheap."
"It is, isn't it. Would you be wanting a glass with that?"

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