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Our historian Stack has recently sent me some more interesting facts which

he has gleaned from old club minutes.

Apparently after my initial ‘discovery’ of the Club Captain’s Badge on the

South London Cyclist Darts League Shield in 1969 our secretary Brian Waller

asked for its return in 1970 (this I did not know). Brian then checked the

minutes back to 1949/50 and found a duplicate Captain’s badge had been

made and was in the possession of Eddie Sharpe.

The minutes, dated 26.01.51, show that on a request from the Darts League

for a donation and for a club badge to create a trophy the club committee

agreed that the                                     held by Eddie

Sharp could be donated to the Darts League. So Brian retracted his request

for its return.

So I am afraid we still have a mystery for was the

the one that carried the words “Club Capt”? According to the October

minutes, No! However, the November minutes state    Club Captain’s

badge, not original as per October minutes.

It also begs the question why was a second badge made if the club was in

possession of the original. The Club Captain from 1940-1950 was Harold

Edmunds and he would have been the recipient of the original badge on the

death of Charles Southon in 1947. As all the references in the club minutes

are at the time of Harold’s last months as club captain did something trigger

off the commissioning of a new badge.

Thanks Stack for stirring it up again maybe there is more in the earlier

minutes from 1947-50.

Over to you mate!

OH Dear!


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