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before the start of the 1st stage and a got talking to a guy in a black tee
shirt with a Sky logo.

I commented that he should be riding the race because he looked so fit and
he said that he was. I then realised that it was Peter Kennaugh because of
his accent, those of us that have been to the Isle of Man know that is very
similar to a Liverpool scouse accent. We had a laugh because he said that
he had gone into the cafe to use the loo and thought that he would be under
the radar but I found him. If he had had his British Champion's jersey on which
he obviously wore all the race he would have been recognised by lots of people.

Trust you can get some of these 'photos in the DLN Mark and I'll take this
opportunity to wish all members of the De Laune a Happy Healthy and
Prosperous New Year.

Birthday Greetings

1 Tony Purser 8 Patrick Hawkins 11 Barrt meens

14 simon lowe 16 Peter Jenn  19 Dave Tweddell

21 francis rudd      21 Malcolm Adams

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