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Dear Malcolm,
Thank you for your Christmas card and best wishes for 2016.

The older one gets the faster time seems to pass. 2015 was quite an eventful
year for me. I spent some time in South America with my partner Yvonne. We
visited Chile Peru, Brazil and Argentina. I was fascinated with Peru. The
highlights for me were Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with its floating islands
of Uros. Fortunately the altitude did not seem to affect either of us. This
week we depart from Perth on a six week cruise of the Indian Ocean. We will
have 3 nights in Cape Town which I left in 1961 so it will be quite an emotional
event for me to once again see Table Mountain and to briefly visit the places
I knew as a boy.

My congratulations to you on the five years you spent as President of the De
Laune Cycling Club. I was pleased to learn that as “Immediate Past President”
you will still be actively involved in the running of the club. I would also like to
express my most sincere appreciation of your publications in the “De Laune
News” of the fascinating genealogy of the Faunce and De Laune families. The
articles have been of immense interest to me and my family. However, I can
quite understand that your wife is glad that the long hours of your research
are now over. Well perhaps at least for the time being?

I trust you and your family enjoyed a merry Christmas and I wish you all
prosperity, happiness and good health for 2016.

Kind regards
Alured De Laune

PS – The attachments contain a photo of myself and Yvonne standing in front
of some street art in Valparaiso, Machu Picchu taken from above while on a
hike and the third attachment is a photo taken on a floating island on Lake

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