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01 Paul Oldham  Hope Factory Racing Senior  02:59:33:000

01 Timothy Gould RT – GSG Clothi 03:10:08:000

There were 536 finishers so to finish in 84th place is a great achievement.

 Nick Kinsey has over 24 years’ experience in Triathlon which makes him one
                        of the sports pioneers within the UK.

He competed in his first triathlon in 1984 and has since completed over 20
Ironman events under 9 hours and finishes 3 Hawaii Ironman Championship

                      Nick has also run the London Marathon.
                  He has represented GB and has a BSc (Econ)

Ironman training; triathlon training and
cycle coaching in Mallorca -

Join your expert coach Nick Kinsey, one of
Britain’s most experienced and
consistent Ironman finishers over the last
20 years, for some serious training and
then relax in the warm sunshine, for the
perfect recovery, good food and fun-filled
atmosphere! Yes, our own Nick Kinsey
owns and runs this company - special
rates for Blackheath Tri people....

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