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present leading in the Junior Trackman’s Competition has ridden in 2 or 3
25’s, but seems to find track work much more to his liking and has carried
the club colours at a few open meetings. A consistent supporter of club
dances and other fixtures, he made a gay cavalier, complete with long curls,
at the Fancy Dress Ball.”

                                                                The Junior Trackman’s
                                                cup was presented to Len Gillingham
                                                and the Gold Centre and Silver
                                                runner up medals to Monty Watking
                                                and Ted Dalley (this is the medal I
                                                now have)

                                                                   DALLEY DOESEN’T
                                                DAWDLE club hill-climb on Brasted
                                                Hill was won by Ted in 2m. 16s. from
                                                Ken Fletcher by 12 seconds.

               Ted is far to erratic on the road but shinning on the track which
seems to suit him most. His greatest effort was winning the club hill climb (
who couldn’t in a shirt like that). Ted is one of the coming men who we are
relying on.

I cannot find any other reference to Ted , but I can tell you that he was born
in Wandsworth .in 1920 an I believe he died in Plymouth in Nov 1971. .


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