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Members are now slowly returning to the club as they get demobed
from the Armed Forces. We again ran an Open “100” the last one being in
1939, this year we had a full field 100 riders. Was won in 4:37:26 and we had
many members riding in time trials and on the track.

         This was a great year for the Club with Alan Jackson being selected
for the Olympics in Melbourne and coming home with two medals. Alan also
retained his National Cyclo-Cross title and with Ken Fuller and Geoff Sinnett
took the team award.

         Chip Chippendale is President and Peter Itter is Secretary of the
B.C.F both members of the De Laune. Ken Fuller organised the “National
Schoolboys Cyclo-Cross on Shirley Hills, we also had 10 club TT races all with
trophy's to be won.

         At the A.G.M the Club voted in favour of having lady members. A few
of the active members were Steve White, Tony James, Len Double,Frank Vella,
Steve Smith, Richard McFarland, Roger Hargreaves Steve Valentine Tony
Peachey, Mick Harley, Barry Meens, Terry Deeley. We win gold - Tony James
and bronze - Laurie Casserley and another bronze - Len Double in the
Divisional Track Championships.

         I retired and purchased a copying machine so that I could carry on
printing the DLN at home, no longer having the use of the one in my office.
We had several riders in Mountain Bike events and with some good placing's,
our novices “25” had 12 riders.

          Not a good start to the year with 3 of our active members moving
on to ride for Elite Cycling Ltd but they will stay as second claim members
to the De Laune. We are now in desperate need of active bike riders in the
club if we are to continue for more years to come, I know that our President
has this as his number one priority and is arranging a number of meetings
on this subject. Ed.

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