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My usual round up of the Tour down Under
herewith which took place from Tuesday the 19th of January to Sunday the
24th of January.

It was nice this year to see Derek Munday and his daughter Ingrid a few times
as they were spending a couple of weeks in Australia before visiting relations
in Christchurch New Zealand and then they are having a visit to Singapore
for about 5 days on the way home.

Dave Tweddell and his wife June didn't make the race this year but hope to
see them next year

The weather was quite
kind this year in that I
think it only got to 40
one day and the rest of
the race was probably
mainly in the low 30's.

We watched the circuit
race on the Sunday
which is just a warm up
and doesn't count
towards the TDU and
was won by Caleb Ewen
who sprints just like Mark Cavendish, over from the wheel giving no shelter
to anybody behind him, he really is something else and has a great sprinting
career in from of him. He also won the 1st stage proper of the race obviously
taking the leaders jersey although he lost it the next day and then won the

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