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For those hardy souls who want to test out how well their winter training
has been going – why not enter the VTTA 10 on 5th March due to be held on
the Q10/22 (Harrietsham).

    Just post your entries to me, making your cheque payable to VTTA and
I will ensure you are included in the top class field I am hoping to receive ???
I know the VTTA award stunning medals for the first 4 on standard and
scratch – there is also the Mick Dansie trophy on offer for the fastest
veteran on standard. You must however be affiliated to VTTA (Kent Group)
to win the trophy. Non veterans (under 40's) are also welcome – where
medals are also awarded.

    Entries close officially on 23rd February but I will hold the event open until
nearer to 26th February.

                Peter Must 26/08/1958-23/01 /2016

    Thought it would be appropriate to mention in the De Laune news
     that my brother Peter Must died in Portugal on 23rd January
     unexpectedly whilst at his holiday home. He was in the De Laune in
     the 70's and very proud of being part of the pursuit team in the
     national championship in 1975 .The team comprised of Steve
    Valentine ,Steve White,Frank Vella and himself. The picture of him
     in front of the team is on the website under historic photos after
     the 3 from yourself Mark

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