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Firstly  thanks  to  Roy  Savery  for  taking  on  the  organisation  of  this
       function which was enjoyed by 34 members and friends.     The carvery meal
       was excellent – well I didn't hear any complaints - and of course the company
       was a good mixture of old, new and those in between.    The dining area was
       buzzing with conversation before the meal started, went a bit quite whilst
       everyone was filling their faces then livened up again afterwards.

          I must admit the settings are always pleasant at golf clubs,  surrounded
       by lush greens and open spaces although this year not so much green as
       white from the snow that dropped on us all two days beforehand.    Thankfully
       the roads were clear for access though the actual car park was sheet ice –
       this aspect faces north and was also in the shadow of the clubhouse.

          It was good to see our latest re-joiners Chris and Doreen Chalet and Mick
       and Sarah Jones slotting into the conversations well.    Don and Beryl White
       still active and defying those advancing years, Peter and Carol Shepperd
       making it all the way from Bognor, they arrived before we did as we needed
       to allow time to put the trophies out ready for presentation.     It was also
       pleasing to see that Marjorie accompanied Mark Ballamy this year especially
       as Mark was awarded the Silverdale How shield for his continued service to
       the club for producing the DLN month after month.   I suspect  Mark is trying
       to rival the 24 years of Frank Holland in this role – Mark is already up to 22
       !!    A well deserved presentation and clearly much appreciated.

          A certain amount of banter surrounded the winner of the Championship
       25 trophy, Alan Rowe, he stated he had been trying to take that cup for the
       last 55 years – but it took Dave Haggart to go off course on the day for
      Alan to achieve his goal.     All well humoured really.    Alan also took the Vets
       BAR on age standard.

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