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amputee hero, a teenager Ntando Mahlangu who won a silver medal in the
       200m final only 0.38 behind UK’s Richard Whitehead.

      We also have a new super hero champion, Chad Le Clos swimmer supreme.
       Hardly a day goes by without his name in the press. He is a local boy born
       and raised near to Durban so he makes the locals as well. A pool named after
       him, he appears in many ads. Even his father Bert is a celebrity, who is always
       shown at the poolside in any televised swimming  race and we don’t miss
       many of these , it’s always nice to have a world champ and someone who wins

       New heroes after the Olympic on the track our 400 metre runner Wayde van
       Niekerk appeared out of the blue just a few months before the Olympics and
       running times we thought too good to be true.

      We thought here we go again magical times and then not perform on the day.
       But lo and behold the men he beat from the outside lane with a world record
       was unbelievable, and then our Caster Semenya. few South Africans Whites
       and Indians believe we have a WOMAN world champion. It’s embarrassing when
       she runs and wins as many don’t accept our authority’s explanation. In the
       Zulu culture when a baby is born and looked at what they see determines
       what sex it is brought up as even if their tendencies lean to the other sex.
       Hence our Champ!

      We are also crowing about our new Tour de France hero, we have, like it or not,
       Chris Froome born in  Kenya, educated  and bought up and, commenced
       cycling in SA. Louis Meintjies and we are sure nobody will claim him of true
      Afrikaans stock, born and bred in the Free State. (looked upon as the centre
       of the Republic)

      After just about the driest winter on record many of the dams are way below
       average and water restriction still apply in some areas. We are now having a
       heat wave 38+. Good for the holiday makers all the way from Joeys, 650K,
       as they often get lots of rain while on holiday. We don’t venture anywhere
       near the beach over Christmas as besides the people from the Transvaal,

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