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SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING held on the 9�� January



      The meeting was called on the 9 th January 2017 by our President who had
       received the necessary 10 signatures from members as according to the club
       rules. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss making a donation to HHVT
       to help towards the fitting out of the new pavilion and additional item that
       are still needed for the track centre.

      The Agenda was as follows:

       1. That we are agreed in principle to the idea of making a significant donation
       to Herne Hill Velodrome Trust, in consideration of such benefits as they may
       be able to offer us.
       2. That we agree to make an initial donation to them as early as January
       2017, not exceeding £10,000.
       3.  That  we  agree  in  principle  a  further  donation  to  them  not  exceeding
       £15,000. This sum will require a withdrawal from the Memorial Fund which
       requires to be ratified at a second General Meeting, to be held at least three
       months following this first meeting.

       The proposal of making a donation to HHVT has been discussed with them
       as to what concessions could be made to the De Laune CC, one of these
       would be that we had free use of a meeting room once a month for 10 years.
       This would be great for the club and at last we would have our meeting place
       used by many cyclist and hopefully gain some much needed members. As
       this donation will come from the Clubs Memorial fund we will be able to put
       up a plaque at Herne Hill.

       Now back to the Agenda:

       . It was agreed that we should make a donation.

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