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Not agreed as this money would have to come from the clubs general fund
       after receiving interest from the Memorial Fund and would leave the club
       short of money.

         There was a proposal from the meeting by Mark Ballamy and seconded by
       Mike Peel that we donate the sum of £25000 and this is to come from the
       clubs Memorial Fund. This was carried by 95% of those present. This now has
       to be ratified by a second SGM which will be held on the 10 th April 2017.

      When the notice of the meeting comes out I would ask all members to vote in
       favour of this proposal, a postal/email vote will be allowed.

       PS; I do know that a number of past and present members donated to HHVT
       recent fund raising, if they are supporting then I think the club should.

       I know that some members are against taking money from the Memorial Fund,
       what is the point in just letting the Fund grow, lets make some use of it, the
       club is desperate for members and if we do not get any the club would have
       to close down. If this was to happen then the purpose of the fund would be
       lost as it would pass on to other cycling organisation or charities.  .

                              Sorry to hear that Derek Boon
                              is waiting to go into hospital for an

                               operation to remove a brain tumour.

                              Hope all goes well for you Derek

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