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2016 African letter

       12  Months  since  my  last  letter  my  how  time  flies  as  the  years  pass.
       Believe it or not we still have Zuma as our President how he has survived
       remains one of the mysteries of the 21 st Century. He has been insulted from
       every corner  totally open letter to the press, unions voting him to go but it
       appears that he is determined to see his period out and then to retire to
       his homestead Nkandhla which has been a major talking point regularly in
       Parliament. A very large  amount of money  has been paid by the Government
       and Mr Zuma has been requested on many occasions to fork out his own
       money and we are still waiting for his response. The whole area has been a
       matter of jokes for years, the size of the swimming pool (a fire protection
       pool) and the size of the chicken runs.  Who will replace him at the next
       election, nobody knows. Every time a name is mentioned their dubious past
       comes up, or they didn’t live on Robben Island at the time of Apartheid.

      Then again we always have Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters
       (EFF) the ‘enfant terrible’ of SA politics dressed always in their red overalls
       and red safety helmets even in Parliament. At one stage his cry was ‘deport
       all whites’ but now it’s keep the whites and give all their land to the ‘previously
       disadvantaged’  Nigel Farrage’s members might have handbags a five metres
       but our boys are in to the real thing and on several occasion the police have
       been  called  in  with  the  EFF  always  involved.    We  also  have  BEE  (Black
       Economic Empowerment) any company large or small, if you want to tender
       for any work from the Government or Municipalities there must be at least
       one  of  your  directors  a  formal  ‘previously  disadvantaged’  person.
       Disadvantaged persons can only be natives of South Africa excluding Whites,
       Indians & Coloureds. Some companies have been caught out, with their BEE
       member being in name only and have lost their multimillion tenders. Any, all
      African company is always at the forefront of any tendering and are given
       preference. Thus they have made many multi millionaires and even billionaires.

       Since my last letter ‘Oscar’ has become almost invisible after the first hue
       and  cry  with  his  new  6  year  sentence  and  has  disappeared  from  the
       newspapers and even an article recently on double amputees being fitted
       with blades he wasn’t even mentioned. We have a new Para 0lympic double .
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