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Day Madison Cyclo-Cross at Herne Hill. Riding as a pair and doing alternate
laps is just as hard as riding for an hour solo – you relax and let your heart
rate drop and then have to get yourself moving all over again. Wish me luck –
or still better come and watch or even join in!

I’m having a series of small meetings with small groups of De Laune members
to try and pull together various thoughts that people have on membership
of our Club. How the Club serves our existing members; how we currently
attract new people; what we could do better to attract and retain members;
what are our best selling points; do we need to focus our efforts on one thing
(e.g. racing, sportive's) or should we keep a wide range of activities/disciplines;
how we might use our resources to good effect; and really anything else that
people have on their minds. I’ve held a couple of meetings so far and would
like to have a few more to get people’s ideas.

I plan to present these ideas to the membership before long and bat them
around a bit with you to see what might be the best fit for us to help us going
forward. I was just looking in a few old DLNs for some inspiration to get over
this month’s writer’s block – I kept finding words bemoaning the lack of a
regular club ride and getting people to fill committee positions. The same
issues keep coming up time and again – some people have been wondering
whether some more radical measures could get our Club growing again. I’d
love your input.

SMART goals are where it’s at – Strategic, Measurable, Achievable,
Results-focused, Time-based. Maybe I’ll set myself some of these this year
instead of some vague idea of hoping to get out on my bike more. I wish you
all a very happy 2016 with lots of world going past your bikes!

Best wishes,

. Jayne is now in Wikipedia


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