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I am sure everyone will be pleased with fact that Kav and I have been working
hard to save the planet. We have used the same envelope to pass notes
and requests between ourselves for 3 years. Unfortunately the face and the
back of the envelope is now completely covered with notes so 2016 will see a
new beginning and a new envelope. We have vowed to make it last even longer
by writing our messages in smaller hand writing !!!

I begged a lift from Kav this year for a visit to Richmond Park – Tony was
away at the CTT Annual General Meeting in Daventry so I decided, at the
last minute, to 'escape' for a few hours. Our attendees were very thin on the
ground this year – at one time Kav and I thought we would be devouring all
the mulled wine and mince pies on our own. We had arrived early at
Roehampton Gate so we were a bit premature with our thoughts.

Eventually we had President Bill, Track stars Brian 'D' and Peter Jenn, rejoiner
Mick Jones and Roy Savery who managed to leave home in a rush, forgetting
his helmet, shoes, gloves, money and phone – he did remember his bike. He
ummed and arred about whether to ride in trainers and limited clothing but
his mind was made up for him with the arrival of a big black cloud, so he sat
in the car with Kav and myself. He needn't have worried as we experienced
no rain. The group left on time only to be missed by Richard Preece who
turned up a bit late. We reassured him that if he left quickly he could catch
them up – true to form they came round the first circuit altogether. Mike
Jones peeled off after one lap with the excuse that he could lend his helmet
to Roy so that he could get one lap in, not sure if that was the whole truth
and nothing but the truth, could be a case of it was a bit windy and Mike
hasn't done much riding for the last 30 years !!! 4 hardy souls of Bill, Brian,
Peter and Richard racked up 3 complete circuits.

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