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We were later joined by Tony Purser who assisted the group in devouring the
goodies from the back of Kav's car after which we spent an hour or so in the
cafe drinking coffee and generally chatting.

We left Barming in the rain – it stopped as we reached Roehampton Gate –
only to start again as we left to commence our journey home to Barming.

Ever suffered from debilitating hiccups which keeps recurring - try this cure
- believe me it works.

Take a glass of cold water and, using a straw drink the water slowly whilst
                      put your fingers in both ears. Your hiccups will disappear

as if by magic.

My only suggestion is do not do this in company – you look absolutely stupid
– but it cures hiccups.

                                           - Causes of hiccups

Hiccups occur when your diaphragm (the thin layer
of muscle that separates your chest cavity from
your abdomen) suddenly and involuntarily contracts
As your diaphragm contracts, it causes you to
breathe air in very quickly. The incoming air is
stopped when your glottis (the opening between your
vocal cords) closes suddenly, producing the
characteristic sound of a hiccup.

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