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going to come and rescue me so my only option was to keep pressing on the
pedals after all each revolution takes me closer to Istanbul and that beer.
On through the national park outside of Istanbul and at last the Bosphorous
was in view. Then it was just a
tense ride around the bay,
through manic traffic until finally
I saw Katie at the side of the road
outside of Café Hissar and I had
completed the race, 16 days 12
hours & 5 minutes, the only
female rider this year to finish.


  I received a phone call from Beryl White to tell me that she had a call from
  Nick Pyne to tell her that Tibs is mother and wife of Les had died on the
  9th October aged 89.
 Another call from Don White to say that he had received a DVD from Nick
  which had been copied from cine films of club events taken by Les, Don will
  be passing this on to me and I will try and makes some copies for any
  member who would like to see them.

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