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Most of ours either get work or start scams; many of our unemployed locals
are not keen on work as it’s far easier to beg at street corners!

And now the governments. When your ‘ House’ gets going it’s fun and games
to watch, somewhat like a school boy debate with insults flying from side to
side. We don’t have that sort problem here, straight in to fisticuffs and often
the police have to respond to restore the situation. Anyway, what our
government says happens more than often than not, with only minor
opposition (more than 2/3 majority) to anything . We don’t have rebels in the
government; they vote where they are told to. Although the EFF - Malema’s
party do still dress in their (now forbidden) red overalls, do like to disrupt a
lot of the time.

Now for our expected pride and joy. We were supposed to be world rugby cup
champions but the inevitable happened. We got beaten. Firstly by Japan; that
was as near a country can get to a national disaster. Sack the manager,
get all the non whites in the team, the team was too old, bring them home
immediately. It remained like that until the next game. We won, thank
goodness for that and the nation relaxed. If it had not been for the Kiwis
taking us by two points in the semi final the cup would have been ours! You
need to live in SA to realise what a religion rugby is. Now the manager has
resigned which we have all expected since the World Cup and the Rugby Union
will only appoint someone who understands transformation. Transformation
means that at least 50% of players are non whites, cricket as well, but not
soccer as all teams are mainly coloured anyway. There’s a cricket series on
at present and the team must have a maximum of 5 white players, so a
number of top men are left on the sidelines and can’t get a game.

Wouldn’t it be good if the UK said all soccer teams had to have at least 6
UK born players in the starting line up! What a difference it would make to
the Premier League, all those overseas players leaving or out of work. Means
that Great Britain would again rule the roost and what a mighty coloured
team that could be!

Our Olympic selectors have already decided not to include a men’s cycling
road team as they have only qualified in African events. Doesn’t matter that

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