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Dear Family and Friends

Once again it’s the time of the year to celebrate with glad tidings and good
will to all for Christmas and the New Year.

This past African year had the same excitement as any other but not sure
what the year actually brought us to be excited about.

First the updates: the court case against the person who killed Burry
Stander our Olympic mountain bike champion, on the roads a couple of years
ago, finally came to fruition when the taxi driver who caused his death was
sentenced to six years, with three suspended and had his driving license
suspended indefinitely . Even after sentence it gives little satisfaction as it
does nothing to replace the hurt that it caused to his young wife and family,
or the community at large in the first instance.

Our other famous trial that had all SA & the UK following is that Oscar had
his verdict and sentence over ruled and he has now been found guilty of
murder, we all wait till the new year to hear what happens to him next.
Personally, I say leave him as he is, he will continue to suffer for the rest of
his life, why add more.

Our latest move is now with China with the welcome given to the main guys,
who knows what next. They have already moved in and taken over shopping
malls and renamed them “Chinese Malls”. Mandarin is being taught to the
police and anyone else who else wishes to learn in order to make the visitors
feel at home. Back in the ‘old days’ if you went to a foreign country and you
were the visitor, you had to speak or learn that country’s language. How’s
your Hebrew? In my youth if you spoke French besides English you were pretty
good then all everyone spoke English. With so many non white characters on
TV, England appears to have become a land of many nations.

As for refugees, we have somewhat the same problem: our refugees travel
from other African countries but without the demands of your current crop.

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