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we have riders in the main Tours and riding in Europe! If the majority of the
riders were non white (more Africans would help) now that’s a different story.
Our men's and ladies’ hockey teams are also not going, too many whites again.
At times it seems that us whites are not at all South Africans, does it really
matter what colour the best players are? Let’s just have the best teams we
can. And equality.

In the Commonwealth Games one of our professional cyclists currently riding
for a top Australian professional team didn’t make the Games although his
team mates did; they found it quite amusing that he wasn’t there.

Swimming is no problem with whites only, then again they bring home medals

We are experiencing our worst drought for many years: very little rain though
we do hear the sound of distant thunder now and again. Our summers are
our rainy season but with the sunshine and hardly any rain, just a couple of
storms instead of daily downpours everywhere is dry and arid.

The rate of exchange has gone crazy @R22/23 to the pound. A lot of athletes
and pro cyclists have taken advantage of the rate and are in the Cape Town
area training in the good weather(Cape Town rain comes in the winter)
Staying in top class hotels R3/4000 per night divide by 22/23: cheap hols!
We have received a few letters from members in response to our letter and
it’s always nice to hear how riders in the 60-70 age group have made during
the years we have been away (1971)

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