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Fred Peachey open 25 to be held Sunday 3 August
2014 at Harrietsham – 07:00 start

Request for helpers to assist with the running of
the event:

It seems a long way off at the moment but, as we all well know, time really
does fly by when you really don’t want it to so I thought it prudent to
start thinking about getting names of club members who might be able to
give up a little bit of their Sunday morning to ensure that the event runs
as smoothly as normal. To be able to actually run the event I will need
an absolute minimum of fifteen volunteers - this includes the three
time-keepers, two tea-bar, one number steward, one pusher-off, seven
marshalls and a result-board writer-upper. However, I always prefer to
have a few more than the minimum so all offers of help will be greatly

To date I have the following offers of help, with thanks:
All three time-keepers – Val, Tony and Claire
A pusher-off – Roy Savery
Four marshalls – Alan Rowe, Terry Deeley and Ann and Mick Hartley
If you are able to assist on the morning of Sunday 3 August then could
you let me know using one of the following methods please?
· Phone: 01892 837038

· Text: 07754 501616

· Email:

· Via a message on the club forum page

Could I ask that if you are able to come out on the morning of the event
that you do actually let me know in advance of the actual day please? It
really does help me to know exact names and numbers beforehand rather
than me perhaps assume that someone will come along just because they
always have done.......thank you. Many thanks in advance to any of you
who may be able to help and looking forward to hearing from you in due
Regards Ian
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