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The French Club Run
Saturday the 7 June 2014.

When I organize an event like the French
club run, I think what can go wrong? Things like: will they get out of bed at,
say, 4am to catch the 07.35 ferry? Will the M20 be closed for repairs? Will
they remember to bring Passports? Have I booked enough seats at the
restaurant? What happens if only 2
turn up because of the weather?

Well nothing did happen. Was this
because of my planning? Or was I just
lucky. I think it was the latter.

The first problem I had was that the
meeting place would be in the reception.
Due to a big revamp in the docks they
did not have one. I told the guys it was
simple to find the booking office by
riding your bike along a blue strip of
paint to the office. I then started to
think the builders had got rid of the line. All things like that go through
your mind.

Everything went like clockwork - well not everything. Steve Valentine and
Dave Haggart who were the first to arrive, missed the ferry by 5 minutes
due to talking too much.

Who went on this jolly to France you ask? We had Lenny Brown with little
Pat. We had Kenny Legge with Pauline. Steve Carter Smith, Terry Deeley,
Roy Savery, Steve Valentine, Dave Haggart and me. We also had 5 guests
from the San Fairy Ann, which made a jolly little group of 14. The problem

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