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Mike Rice won the final A/B 20k
An odd note for the next DLN - at the last
social evening (9th June) a friendly Scratch Race at HHV Track League
gathering of 10 members was seen in tonight (12 June). He let VCL lead
evidence. Lots of chatting and banter
being tossed around on a warm balmy him out, chose the best wheel and
evening. Would be good to see some Bingo. Well done Mike
more next time round. The general Chalky
feeling was that we could still have a
social evening as well as a committee
meeting on the same night as there is My proposal at the last AGM was
plenty of room to cater for both activities.
This may ensure that the committee that we move to S & M CC and that
meetings will be over quicker. we revert to monthly meetings.
Val & Tony

125 Anniversary 10 mile TT
31 May 2014

On the Isle of Grain Q10/24

What a great event this was so well organised by Jayne Wadsworth assisted
by Dave Haggart, a full field of 120 rider plus reserves – when did we last
have a full field. Seeing the riders sign in and presenting them with one of
our anniversary bottles was Steve Valentine and Mark Ballamy then the
rider were held at the start by Roy Savery and George Lewis our pushers
off and sent on their way by time keeper Tony Peachey. They would head
west to the turn at the round about which was marshalled by John “Kav”
Kavanagh, Brian Saxton and Tich Shambrook then east to the finish where
Val Peachey was the time keeper, and the result board was manned by Nigel
Scales. Must not forget that the De Laune CC had 8 members enter this event,
see result sheet...

The best was still to come with the wonderful collection of cakes provided
by our Dessert Professionals, Jayne Wadsworth, Jayne’s friend and Dave’s
wife all who not only supply the cakes but manned the canteen all afternoon.
Other members out were Bill Wright, Mick Valentine and wife, finally a
big thank you to Jayne for an excellent organised event and this is endorse
by all the comments on Twitter.

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