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was that we had an age-span from 40 to 79; some fit and some unfit. It
was a case of getting up the front and holding the fast ones back.

I must admit we did look good in our (3 designs) De Laune vests. Steve
Carter Smith thought that Terry Deeley had a skin suit on but looking closer
he had the biggest De Laune vest he could get and it was tight. Who has
been eating the pies Terry?

Our first stop for refreshments was a little bar in the center of Guines.
After a few beers we decided to make a move, but who should fall through
the door but Steve and Dave who had got the later boat and pushed the
pace up to catch up. So this meant another round of beers. After one hour
we left the bar and made our way to
Ardres for lunch.

We arrived in good time at the La
Fregate restaurant. The manager is
used to British cyclist’s and made
us welcome. We had a long table to
ourselves and I noticed he kept us
away from the locals!

Good food, good wine and good
company what more can you ask for.
A couple of the guys from the SFA
did ask what is the subscription to
join the De Laune?

Len, Pat, Ken and Pauline went on ahead to Calais, as the girls are not
used to riding 35 miles. We caught them up after about 5 miles with Len’s
wallet, which he left on the table. I have never seen his wallet in daylight

We arrived just in time to catch the ferry. Poor Ken and Len missed it by

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