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club’s 125 . I hope Alan will be joining me, Mark Gidney is another candidate.
Come on guys join us, a great day out to celebrate our 125th. I shall once
again be riding it for the Delmelza House Children Hospice, a Kent charity.
I would be pleased to receive support in this worthwhile charity as I hope
to raise a similar amount to that when I rode when I was 70, in excess of

By the time you read this the Thanet Road Club ‘25’ which is one of our
designated events, will have passed, Jayne, Jos, Mark, Dave and myself
have entered so just hoping for a good morning.
I am typing this the day after the Brighton Lunch, a very enjoyable day was
had. There was a good attendance of around 20 members plus wives and
friends. Thanks Trica for organising I know it was a bit of a headache this
year with the change of venue

Well the Tour of France is soon to be upon us and I hope to see many of

you on Monday 7 when Le Tour arrives in London, and don’t forget our
BBQ on the last day of the Tour.

The 125th Anniversary ride or walk at
Newnham. Saturday 23rd August 10.00am.
(See May DLN Page 6)

This event is looming and I would like a volunteer
to lead the walk. The route will be up the hill to
Sharstead Court and along the ridge past
Doddington Place to Doddington Church where
many of the De Launes’ and Faunces’ are buried.
The return is by way of a footpath descending
through the external grounds of Doddington Place
to the road leading back to the ‘George’. The
whole route is approximately 2 ½ miles.

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