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who truly love cycling and this event.
The best way it seems to ride this event is to get in with a group of you off the line
and stick together and work as a team taking it in turns to lead while the others
rest behind! Sadly I didn't get into a group!! But I did find someone to ride it with
so wasn't lonely. The first 160km was up hill, very gradual, but still uphill ALL the
way. When I reached the top of the pass there was snow on the ground and it started
to rain. At just a few degrees above freezing it wasn't long until I couldn't feel my
hands and feet. Which meant the first 30km descending to the next feed station
where some what unpleasant! As I entered the 'heated' tent I was shacking quite
violently, but with a quick look around at some hypothermic people I realised I had
actually faired quite well. Within another hour of descending it was dry and warmer
and a few hours later still the sun came out to properly dry us all out.
Over the 540km I eat 12 sandwiches, 6 cups of soup, 10 bananas, one bumper bag
of peanut MandM's, 6 flapjacks, a piece of chocolate cake, and 4 small bags of
sweets :)
I continue to live in ore of what the body can do when you ask it to, it still always
surprises me, and I have had a lovely 2 days in Norway. Thank you as ever for all you
your lovely good luck messages

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