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I hope this is of interest, Jayne and her partner Katie in last years TCR rode
this event on the 17/18th June, ..

Just arrived in Norway for this weekends adventure... The Styrkeproven
sportive (its 50th year!). Annoyingly I still haven't fully recovered from Italy,
my immune system was destroyed in those rains and I just haven't managed
to fully shift the illness that followed. Tried to ride a bike once in last 2 weeks
but felt so ill I turned back for home. Therefore whether I can physically achieve
this one tomorrow is a bit of an unknown... But you can but try :)
Starting at 10pm tomorrow night I will hopefully be riding 544km in a oner,
under Norway's 24hr daylight... The saving grace is its on a road bike at least

Just two weeks before this Katie rode in the The Tuscany Trail more of this
later if I have space,

Over the moon!!! I came here expecting to take 27hrs
and hoping to take 26hrs, and with a completely
unrealistic dream of hitting the 24hr mark. So I am
still somewhat stunned that I managed it in 22hrs
17mins!! Sooo happy! The last 70km my legs weren't
my own and I trundled on at 30-35km/hr and when I
crossed the line I felt like I could have continued for
another 100km or more... I think I was possessed!

The Norwegian landscape was spectacular and the
event was run soooo incredibly well. 5000 of us were
fed and directed down the country with military style
organisation but cheers and friendly faces of those

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