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bones as was first feared, although there wasn’t much to salvage from his
bike. Not entirely clear whether he had slipped on a wet manhole cover and
slid across the road, or whether he had been on the wrong side of the road
to start with. I was following the bunch driving the commissaire’s car, and
there were so many instances of riders persistently on the wrong side of the
road that the commissaire had decided about 2 minutes earlier to stop the
race and give them all a talking to. We were just trying to find a safe place
to do this when the accident happened.

          a pretty sight, had to close the roads and direct traffic etc while
the first aiders did their bit. It’s a great shame, because the SERRL series
is very well organised and much more professionally run than when I was
racing. They do a huge amount of work to keep racing happening at this level,
which needs to be supported not just by the clubs, but also by the riders
being a bit sensible. Some of them either thought they were invincible, or
perhaps that cars are made of cushions.

           event was the excellent Summer Lunch at Tatsfield. A great chance
to catch up with old friends and it was a great lunch too. Great thanks to
Roy Savery for organising it and getting everyone together. It’s a really good
venue, I had honestly intended to cycle out this year, but logistics got the
better of me, and I only cycled as far as Herne Hill as I’d left my car there.
Going to get out on the bike tomorrow and start getting my month’s mileage
up. Probably.

             we had our Crystal Palace marshalling duty, on the longest day
of the year, which we shared with Herne Hill Youth CC. The Crystal Palace
Crits series is now being run by Dulwich Paragon, but local clubs are taking
on marshalling duties. Again, we were able to supply lots of marshalls here
– grateful thanks to ten of you who turned out for this. Really pleased to see
so much happening in the club at the moment and that we can offer our help
at these events and keep us on the map.

              I just spotted that one of our newer members, Richard Preece is
riding the Ride London 100 on July 31st in aid of leukaemia charity Bloodwise.
Do please sponsor him in this, via his just giving page

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