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From the Treasury

         During the month the open 10 was successfully promoted by Jayne
with help from David on 4th June. Again the weather was fine and, more
importantly, the potholes that had plagued the course earlier in the year
had been filled, but only after an official complaint from Tony via Cycling UK
(old CTC) to the local authority. The event attracted 56 entries (3 from
De Laune members). As agreed the event was completely self funding, in
fact produced a profit to the club of £46. All income from the tea bar
(£73.79) was donated to Kent Air Ambulance.

         Lenham Community Centre has been hired for parking and toilet
facilities for the club 15 on 23rd July and OMA 10 on 17th September.

         The time frame for 23rd July is 7.30 – 9.30, however as we receive a
very favourable rate,

             . Can I ask you please to mindful of

this issue.

         Parking for 17th September is from 7-9 am with no restrictions.
Val the Peach

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