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th Bar-B-Q - 17 May, 2014 On the warmest day of the year so far the club had been invited to a Bar-B-Q by the Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club at their clubhouse – which is now the regular meeting place of the club for both social and committee evenings. After much chasing around a good crowd of 20 club members including their wives and children enjoyed a convivial evening of eating, drinking and chatting and generally making merry. If you didn’t make it, you missed a good night out. The cricket club have made us very welcome, encouraging us to take advantage of their facilities. Clearly they have a large membership – on the night of the Bar-B-Q we were entertained th nd to 2 matches taking place – the 2 11 and the 4 11 – so one must assume there must be at least a 1 and 3 team somewhere. A st rd group of the cricketers are keen to join our French clubrun in June – mention was made on Saturday that we might be tempted to play a game of cricket towards the end of the year, anyone for cricket. Rumour has it that we have a wicket keeper in our midst and Mike Rice son Robert also plays, Royboy admitted to playing 30 years ago, so we are building. Any more volunteers. 16
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