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members. Hopefully I will be able to report on this issue next time. Agreements from the committee have resulted in both Open time trials being subsidised in this, our 125 Anniversary year, to between th £200-£300 each event. The exact amount cannot be determined as it will depend on the number of entries received. The 10 will have a prize fund of £800 and the 25 £700. Every rider will also receive a complimentary feeding bottle advertising our longevity. Val the Peach Thomas Marlay & Ann Delaune’s son Thomas Thomas Miles Marlay was born in 1719 he was to have 5 children but was not married to Mary Doyle, the mother of his children. Lesley Russell states, ‘ Thomas served in the 23 Foot Regiment, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and was the a significant battle which took place during the Seven Years War. The Battle took place on the 1 August 1759 and below you can st read how Thomas Miles Marlay equipped himself that day. (Written by his nephew Henry Grattan) cont. 21
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