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-Elysee and mentioned the practical difficulty it presented to the riders –
and the organiser’s attempt at a solution. Sadly, the 300 metre long rolling
pee-zone along the Quai des Tuileries couldn’t be kept spectator-free so
the riders, and spectators, had to get on with it/put up with it respectively.

1978 – A quote from TI-Raleigh manager Peter Post on the lack of
single-mindedness of a team-rider (who later left) “Every night, he rings his
girl-friend. That [pointed to a bike] should be his girlfriend.” Quite right
Peter. (Though not in the way reported recently in a tabloid newspaper

1993 – Greg Lemond is reported to have been bewildered by how Indurain,
who only took 8 seconds out of him over 46 miles in 1991 was able to take
4 minutes out of him over a slightly shorter course a year later.
1994 – Guest-writer Pierre Ballester comments on the TdeF visiting Britain.
One gem included “But how am I going to get home to feed my dog?” asked
an incredulous old lady, prevented by barriers from getting to the other
side of the village. “You’ve only got a couple of hours to wait” replied an
impassive bobby. “Stay where you are and enjoy the show.” Delightful the
English sense of humour.

1996 – An obituary for legendary French writer Pierre Chany, who covered
50 TdeFs. It included a reference to the Abbe Joseph Massie, priest of
Bastide-Armagnac, who founded the parish “Notre Dame de Cyclistes and
whose church is (or at least was0 packed with cycling relics. He wasn’t
afraid to criticise the powers that be either – on staging major events in
countries with no culture of cycle-racing: “China or Colombia I can
understand… but to stage the World Championships in Japan is like holding
a bullfight in Scotland.) [A bit harsh when you consider the popularity of
Keirin …]

1998 – Not surprisingly EPO/Willy Voet featured in the example. Reveals
that the French “Spitting Image” equivalent “Guignols” featured a Richard
Virenque puppet with syringes hanging out of his body which he maintains
were put there “without his knowledge, by his own free will”. After being told

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