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Club Trophies

    Following a short conversation with Christian at the last committee
meeting it became clear to me that not everyone in the club is aware of
the silverware available for the racing fraternity within the club and what
needs to be achieved in order to win this silverware.

    All of the trophies are outlined on the club website under 'About us'
then Club Trophies. A short history of the trophy along with previous
winners can be found there. I have tried w to layout the trophies below
and what you need to do to have them sitting on your sideboard.


                                                 Club TT Champion
                Fastest average speed over 25, 50 & 100 miles

                                          Veteran TT Champion
         Fastest average over 2x10 + 2x25 miles on Age Standard

                                          Ladies TT Champion
                    Fastest average speed 1x10 + 2x25 miles

                                             Junior TT Champion
                        Fastest average speed 2x25 miles

                                        Juvenile TT Champion
                        Fastest average speed 2x10 miles

                                       Club 12 hour champion
                           Greatest distance in 12 hours

                                           Club 100 Miles Champion
                             Fastest rider at 100 miles

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