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As I said last month, I stumbled across Michael Faunce-Brown on the web
relating to his book ‘Blowing my own Trumpet’, and read a mention of his
grandmother and the 51 roomed house which she had lived in at Smeeth,
Ashford. So the same day, after a visit to the retail outlet at Ashford, I
went in search of the Paddocks.

                                   THE PADDOCKS

A little research found that the Paddocks had been previously owned by
the Knatchbull family. Edward, who became the 1st Baron of Brabourne had
added Hugessen to his name, (Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen), a condition
of his father’s will to perpetuate his mother’s family name, (his mother was
also a niece of Jane Austen).
The Hugessen name immediately rang bells, and yes, it was the Hugessen
family of Provender to whom Anne De Laune (nee Sondes), widow of Abraham
had married into, and also her son Gideon who married Anne Hugessen (see
pages 17-18, DLN March 2013). So now we have another connection with
the Faunce and De Launes, for Michael’s grandmother was of the Faunce
I have since received Michael’s book from Amazon, and well worth the
purchase; it is his life story, and what a full life he has had.
Here quoted from the back cover of the book:-

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