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The coffers remain healthy despite various outgoings over the last few
months as outlined below.

Since the AGM I have sent our committed outlay to Herne Hill Velodrome
trust of £1,000, this is the 4th of the 5 agreed donations.

All affiliations have now been met - the last one being to SERRL. I invest
in a 5 year affiliation to he RRA as this gives us 5 years for the price of 4.
So any of you long distance aspirants who feel the need to tackle a real
challenge the RRA offers you just that opportunity.

Alan Rowe embarked on the hire of the Olympic Park Velodrome - full result
no doubt elsewhere in this issue, I understand it was a success.

I have set in motion the club medals for the end of the year. At the last
committee meeting it was felt that the 125th Anniversary medals were
superior to earlier ones produced - the additional expense was felt worthwhile.

A new Bioracer clothing order has been placed by Christian - a deposit of
£2,000 has been paid - the remainder due on delivery. This covers orders
placed and allows some stock to play with for newcomers or replacements
for those items damaged - lets hope it is more for newcomers !!!! So those
of you who have ordered Christian will be chasing you for money when the
parcel arrives.

Deposit of £200 has been placed against the forthcoming 'Summer Lunch'
being organised by Roy Savery, please contact Roy if you want to enjoy a
leisurely Sunday lunch on 22nd June.

Following the passing of Tom Bewsey the family requested no flowers
therefore a cheque from the Club was sent to Cancer Research.

The Fred Peachey Open 25 was successfully run in April by Tony. As agreed
by the committee that £100 would be allocated to each of the open
promotions this year, however only £91.80 was utilised in this event.

Val the Peach

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