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An interesting, short, on-bike interview by Brian Smith of
Alberto Contador, about his take on climbing. Interesting
snippets, fun to watch his face when Froome's name is
introduced into a comparative style question and he
shows an unexpected sense of fun at the end when he
starts to take the mickey out of Brian Smith, who's
feeling the strain of conducting an interview while
maintaining 300W! Starts by unclipping 1 foot and pedalling one-legged
then starts to enjoy messing about. I reckon he'd be a good laugh on a
clubrun (as long as he was prepared to push me up anything vaguely
approaching a climb (hump-backed bridges, speedbumps etc!).

                        SPOILER: In the interview he admits to his legs hurting
                        (I have more in common with him than I thought!),
                        there's some upsetting stuff about tickling along in the
                        peloton on 39x25/26 to save power (I'm OK with that
                        bit) then attacking in 53x16/18 (I'm not so OK with that
                        bit, even without the gradient getting mentioned - it
                        ain't gonna be flat...). He resorts to 53/34 for stages
                        with steep climbs and trains climbing out of the saddle
                        for up to 20mins at a time (ouch!) - interestingly he
admits his attempts to emulate Pantani's climbing out of the saddle on
the drops blows his legs after about a minute

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