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miles to go and some hills towards the end. We bolstered each other up by
thinking 250 miles were in fact behind us and dawn was clearly not too far
away. After yet more coffee and cake Tony pushed away reaching Farnham
at dawn. Another stop for breakfast, a wash and change into the 3rd skin
suit in De Laune colours, saved for the run in. This made life a bit more
bearable as the end was in sight.

We were coming onto home ground. At the start of the Shere by pass a
familiar sight was spotted in the shape of George and May Starsmeare with
sponges and cheers of encouragement - just when the lift was needed.
Through Dorking and another friendly face, Beefy Russell, although not able
to give a sponge was cheering his heart out and clapping Tony on. Reigate
encountered and Redhill negotiated an another sponge at the top of the hill
from Allan Furze and Janis Rogers his daughter – this was marvellous, just
when spirits were ebbing, support came. Allan and Janis appeared again at
Godstone – George and May stayed with us for a few more miles.

Our sincere thanks to you all, what a grand club spirit we have. Just to cap
it all one of our friends Peter Baker who rides for the San Fairy Ann came
out on his bike to ride with Tony over the closing miles from Wrotham.

We completed the journey marginally up on schedule very, very tired but
acclaimed and welcomed by a crowd of approximately 20-25 thousand people
at the police HQ. All of the police officers completed the journey and found
it hard to understand how or why Tony had embarked upon such a mammoth
task. At the back of Tony's mind there probably lurked a vision of his Dad
– Fred – who passed away following a heart attack in 1969, clearly any fund
raising for British Heart Foundation was always going to be a cause he would

After the ballyhoo we were able to relax, we then realised just how shattered
we were. Too tired even to enjoy the many attractions taking place around

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