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“It felt like someone had pulled the plug out!” She had a world champion to
 push her back.
 Back in Dover, to get out of the docks you have to follow a blue-painted line
 for cyclists. They must have had a lot of blue paint left over as the line
 went on forever!
A good day was had by all. Total mileage was about (if you did the hill climb)
 35 miles.

      Another successful French Trip organised by Kav.. he even organised
      the weather on the day.. dry and windless !!! It was a bit fast to
      Guines as Kav was leading.. at times I had to be on the big ring..
      hanging off the back… but from there to Ardres it was a more
      civilised pace.. as we got Kav off the front.. eleven of us arrived at
      Ardres for lunch with Kav,s reputation in tacked.. as his never lost
      a man.. plenty of women.. but not a man.. the trip back was
      uneventful and he got us all home safely.. everyone is looking forward
      to the next trip.

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