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Birthday celebrations for June
            1st Trish Burns

         10th David Griffiths
             11th Dot Fuller

     19th Henry Carter-Smith
          13th Geoff Sinnett
            25th John Dods
           27th Matt Baker
          29th Eddie Buckley

                      THERE & BACK

                  620 Miles (un-supported)

Reading Val’s report on the ride from Lands End reminded me of a ride with
Charlie Carlton and other who I cannot remember who they were in the early
50’s. This was from Brixton, South London to Lands End and back over the
Easter week end. We started after we finished work on the Thursday evening
and riding to Four Mark’s in East Hampshire where we had pre-booked at a
B&B. I am unable to remember (old Age) any more of the ride other than we
got back on the Monday evening as we had to be at work next day. Ed.

              CLUB OPEN “10” 4th JUNE

      HQ Stoke Village Hall, Mallard Way, Lower Stoke, ME3 9ST

 If you are not riding come and support the Club,
  the event and the riders and try the great cakes.

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