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For those who lack the patience (or subscription) to sit through Eurosport
coverage, I've just come across a great site courtesy of
The race analyses are nicely done and also amusing (especially Episode 86
- see below...)
Main site - I especially liked Cosmo Catalano's Episode 86 (Stannard in
Omloop) and the long-overdue recognition of the significance of the beard's
contribution to cycling greatness, at least for Classics riders... (I suspect
Coppi and Merckx actually had beards but they were photo-shopped out to
please sponsors...
Aforementioned Episode 86 - Gent-Wevelgem clip - includes Thomas's
somersault but not Steegmans getting blown into the river

 London Olympics 1908 - Charles Bartlett, Great Britain,
         gold medallist in the Cycling 100km Track

                        2 hours 41 minutes and 48.6 seconds.

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