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After changing my diet just over a year ago to a virtually vegan diet I had
so much extra energy that I decided to get my bike out again and train to
see what I could do for when I am 80 which is 30th July 2016.

I have had 3 events so far, the first was on Saturday 11th April and I did
29-18 the winner was J Parker 20-44. I then went on to Oxford and rode
the Oxford City RC where I did 29-06. The winner Ian Greenstreet who did
21-38 It was so windy that I went out in 19 + mins and back in 10. Last
Saturday had to get up at 4 am to ride the Catford 10 and rode nearly 2
min faster in 27-24. We had a team in this event Dave Haggart who did
24-58 and Chris Cowlard 26-5. Val and Tony came out and gave us a good
cheer The winner was J Parker again who won the West Kent. This Monday
I am of to North Hertfordshire to ride a VTTA event.

The VTTA age related standard time seems to penalise riders for getting
old. I see that the winner of the Oxford city RC event is on the National
Committee as awards Secretary. I don't think that he would be to
interested in giving older rider an increase in the age allowance Why he won
both the event and the age related and the team. He did quite well


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