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Readers of the DLN may remember that in February 2015’s issue John
Geoghegan, in his article “Tour Down Under” mentioned meeting up with a
John Shorten, who said he had been a member of the De Laune, having
joined in 1958 or 1959. I have now perused the minute books between 1950
and 1970, also the subscription books between 1950 and 1960 and the
name John Shorten is not recorded in these documents.

My guess is that John Shorten was more than likely out cycling with a
group of friends and had been absorbed by one of the fast-moving De Laune
training groups; whilst hanging on for grim death for a couple of miles he
learnt that he was now riding amongst the esteemed De Laune Cycling Club
and has presumably harboured the dream for all these years that he had
once been one of the chosen few.

Brian Saxton

                       TT results

                      7th March VTTA Kent 10 Q10/22
                               Chris Cowlard 29.16

                              15th March SCCU 21
                             Dave Haggart 1.10.27
                             Steve Valentine 1.20.13

                    11th April West Kent RC 10 Q10/22
                              Roy Savery 29.19

                    12th April Bedfordshire RC 25 F/1
                               Mark Gidney – 1.7.18

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