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Baker who sang, “                                       - Coppi’s version

ran, “                         Coppi then finished a modest fourth in the

event, some 4 minutes behind winner Anquetil, Ercole Baldini and a

little-known Swiss rider Alcide Vaucher from Geneva. In reality this particular

late-season gathering marked the end of a great competitive era in cycling,

because eight weeks later the      Fausto Coppi was dead.

                   1956 - Time Gentlemen Please!!

(Credit is given here to Lugano sportswriter/broadcaster Alcide Bernasconi,

editor of the race history “Once Upon a Time There Was  “1998

(Swiss-Italian). Reference was also made to the 1993 “V.C.Lugano 100-Year

Book” by Armando Libotte. All study material provided by Giancarlo Ghillioni,

        Lugano CH.)

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