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money was gradually paid off, a club member who owned a taxi ran a shuttle
between the cashier’s gates and the race HQ to ensure sufficient cash flow.

Koblet - Special ‘Ks’  As the race organisers finally shut-up-shop
                       after a busy day and night, someone thought
                       it would be a nice gesture to give the helpers
                       an after-hours supper in the café. The
                       subsequent whip-round however revealed that
                       only SF200 (old money) was left on the table
                       - just enough for a fried egg each! Such was
                       the behind-the-scenes glamour for the
                       inaugural event!
                       In stark contrast, the selection of
                       competitors for this initial “race of truth”
                       was outstanding. The Swiss were enjoying a
                       major high in 1950, with Hugo Koblet being
                       the first foreigner to win the Giro d’Italia and
                       Ferdi Kubler the Tour victory. The two riders
                       were of

                                             origin -
 from Zurich - but both were popular in Ticino,
 mainly for their bare-faced determination
 and stylish qualities against the watch. The
“Special Ks” from the “Land of Müesli” would
 ensure huge crowds of spectators for a
 one-day event, even with a field limited to
 only ten starters. The inclusion of Fausto
Coppi - recovering well from a broken pelvis
 in the 1950 Giro - plus the Italian “hard man”
 Fiorenzo Magni and the Dutch pursuiters
 Schulte and Peters would (it was hoped)
 produce a cycling battle royal! On the day

                                                       Kubler - Special ‘Ks’

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