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Sir George was a member of the same family as Sir Michael Livesey the
regicide whose daughter Anne married Robert Sprignell, the grandson of
Gideon De Laune the apothecary. So, yet again another prominent figure
linked to the De Launes’ and this time a bit closer to home.

Sir George was a gas engineer and industrialist, who became Chairman of
the South Metropolitan Gas Co. Old Kent Road. He was also an inventor,
the Livesey washer and the Livesey scrubber being in wide-world use today
in the gas industry. The modern gas-holder owes its inception to him the
original example erected at the Old Kent Road Station became a model for
many others.

There is also the Livesey
Memorial Hall at Bell Green
Sydenham which also holds
the memorial for the Gas
Company employees who
died to the two World Wars

In the Old Kent Road was
the library Sir George gave
to the people of Camberwell
. which subsequently
became a Children’s
museum but sadly closed
in 2008, 100 hundred
years after his death.

        The statue was the work of Frederick William Pomeroy (so that’s
where Pomeroy Street gets its name!).

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